New Mexico Knives - Quality Knives such as leatherman, gerber, spyderco, benchmade, kershaw, vintage case, old timer, uncle henry, buck, wenger, victorinox, columbia river knife company, boker, schrade and United States made knives.

New Mexico Knives - Quality New and Used Knives such as leatherman, gerber, spyderco, benchmade, kershaw, vintage case, old timer, uncle henry, buck, wenger, victorinox, columbia river knife company, boker, schrade and United States made knives.

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Your source for quality new and pre-owned used knives, such as: case, benchmade, spyderco, buck, kershaw, leatherman, gerber, crkt, old timer, uncle henry, schrade, victorinox, wenger, boker, swiss army, coleman, cobratec, sog, cold steel, david yellowhorse, wild horse and many more, including vintage knives and custom made knives for sale. Now selling Miniature knives as small as 1/2 inch.

A Little about Steel by J.L. Steib

There are hundreds of steels that can make a good knife. A good knife is made only if the steel being used is properly heat treated to bring the best qualities of the steel for which it is being used. My name is on my product, therefore I want complete control of the whole process. Heat treating and the quality of how the steels are made at the factory are critical to a good knife not necessarily the type of steel.

Generally, the steels I use for knives because of durability, edge retention, easily sharpened and controlled heat treatment, without sending to a commercial heat treatment facility.

Characteristics of the steels I use:

10xx series, also called simple carbon steels. So called because their simple structure of iron, manganese, and carbon. The last two numbers indicate percentage by weight carbon content within certain parameters

1080 and 1084 are virtually identical, however 1084 considered the “holy grail” of this series due to higher manganese content. Also, easier to reach fully hardened potential. My present chef knife is 1084 steel.

1095 has a higher carbon content. It has been used in some of the older folding knives and modern knives too. Supposedly less durability. Is more “finicky” to heat treat but if done right durability not an issue. Easier to refine the edge. My present hunting knife is 1095 steel.

52100 has chromium added and 1.00% carbon content. It is not considered a stainless steel. In industrial situations it is used in ball bearings and roller bearings. Has an extended heat treating cycle but if done right makes a great knife.

L6 is a nickel bearing tool steel. Industrial uses are large ban saw blades and older circular saw blades.The added nickel adds luster to this steel. It is very tough and flexible. A number of my leather cutting blades are L6.

AEB-L is a stainless steel. It was originally developed for razor blades. It requires higher controlled temperatures for heat treatment and additional sub freezing temperatures for proper hardness.

Note on non-stainless and stainless steels.

All steels can stain, rust and corrode given the right circumstances. My antiquing process is a staining and rust retardant only. Soon after using your knife, rinse and towel dry. This applies to all quality knives. Never clean in a dishwasher as corrosion and knife edge will suffer greatly ruining a custom made tool.

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